American Ambassador and American Hospital of Paris Honor Iris Cantor for Her Contributions to Healthcare for Women

Iris Cantor, Founder and President of the Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Foundation, is recognized around the world for essentially redefining clinical health care for women — the result of her determination to move the medical establishment toward compassionate healthcare customized to each gender. This past June... ... Read more

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The Fallen Caryatids

In the early 1880s Rodin created two female figures, each in a spiral pose, each either falling in within herself due to the heavy load she bears (one totes an huge stone on her shoulder, the other has an equally-sizable urn) or each springing into action despite her... ... Read more

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Now Rodin lovers may download the Foundation’s award-winning film directly from Amazon. The 53-minute film, produced by Iris Cantor in 1981, has been newly digitized so that today’s audiences will see the recounting of the Rodin story as beautifully as it was first told years ago by Mrs. Cantor.

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